How Do I Transfer Everything from My Old Computer to My New Computer?

How do I transfer everything from my old computer to my new computer? The easiest method to transfer files from one computer to another on Windows 10 or Windows 11 is using EaseUS PC transfer software. This tutorial contains 5 useful solutions to help your transfer everything from old PC to new PC. Check and have a try.

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How do I transfer everything from my old computer to my new computer? Check the table here and take a quick view of everything you need to prepare for executing this task:

⏱ Duration 30 minutes - 1 hour or so (depending on your data size)
➡Data Type Personal files, Windows documents folders, User profiles, installed apps/programs, games, and account settings, etc.
💻Supported OS Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
  1. #1. PC data transfer software - Easiest
  2. #2. External storage
  3. #3. Cloud storage
  4. #4. USB transfer cable
  5. #5. Backup software

How to transfer everything from one computer to another Windows 10 or Windows 11 has become an increasing need for most computer users. It's great to get a new computer, but you may have trouble figuring out how to copy all the data, applications, and settings to the new computer. Now, don't fret anymore! 

In this how-to guide, we provide you with the most effective ways to transfer everything from PC to PC on Windows 10 or Windows 11. Just follow our instructions to complete the PC migration and enjoy your new computer!

Transfer Everything from PC to PC cover

How to Transfer Everything from the Old Computer to the New Computer

Here are listed the 5 most effective methods among 7 solutions provieed on this page for you to try and transfer everything from old PC to new PC without efforts:

  1. #1. PC data transfer software - Easiest
  2. #2. External storage
  3. #3. Cloud storage
  4. #4. USB transfer cable
  5. #5. Backup software

#1. With EaseUS Todo PCTrans

The simplest and most effective way to transfer everything from an old computer to a new computer on Windows 10 or Windows 11 is by applying a PC transfer software. 

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free can fully transfer all your programs, files, user accounts, and settings between old and new computers with simple clicks. You can use this PC data transfer software to move files from one computer to another with or without a network in Windows  11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. 

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Free download EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer files from PC to PC and everything in Windows 10/11. We will show you how to transfer everything from old PC to new PC with or without an internet connection. 

Guide 1: With the Network

This guide is about to teach you transfer everything from PC to PC with the network. So, make sure both of your computers are connected to the same network before starting the steps here:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both old and new computers. Click the "PC to PC" on the main screen to continue.

Step 2. Choose the right transfer direction.

"New": Transfer data from old PC to current new PC.

"Old": Transfer data from current old PC to remote PC.

Transfer files from old PC to new PC - step 1

Step 3. Connect the two PCs on the same LAN by entering the password or verification code of the target PC. Choose the right transmission direction and click "Connect" to continue.

The verification code is on the right top of the "PC to PC" main screen on the target computer. Turn on button behind Connection Verification.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 2

Step 4. Go to "Files" section, select the individual files you need to move.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 3

Step 5. And, click the "Transfer" button to begin the data migration. Wait for the transferring finishes. The time of the process varies based on the size of the files.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 4

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Guide 2: Without Internet

If your both computers are under different network connection, or the network is unstable, you can follow the steps here to fransfer Everything from the old PC to the new PC in Windows 10 without network: 

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Step 1. Create a backup file to transfer

  • Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on the source PC. Click "Backup & Restore" and click "Start" to go on.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 1
  • Choose "Data Backup" and click "Next". Name the backup file, and set the external USB drive as the backup location.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 2
  • Click the "Files" section to choose files. Then, click "Backup" to wait for the process to complete.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 3

When the creating process has completed, click "OK" to confirm. Safely eject the USB drive and connect it to the target PC. Move to recover the backup of files to the new PC using USB.

Step 2. Restore and transfer backup files to PC without network

  • Connect the external USB drive with the file created from the source PC to the target PC. Launch PCTrans, click "Backup & Restore" > "Start" > "Data Restore" > "Next".
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 1
  • Click "Browse" to find the image file in your USB drive. Then, choose the correct backup file and click "Restore" to continue.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 2
  • Choose specific files and click "Restore". 
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 3

Video Guide on Transferring Everything from Old PC to New PC 

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Here are some stunning features of the EaseUS PC transfer software you may like:

Feel free to share this PC to PC transfer tool to help more of your friends who are looking for an all-in-on solution to transfer everything between computers on their own:


#2. With An External Storage Media

If you want move all your files to a new PC without software or network, an external storage device such as a USB drive, SD card, or external hard drive can help by executing copying-and-pasting operation. Using this way, you don't need any software, internet access, or services. 

However manual copying is not suitable for migrating applications and settings from one computer to another. If you want to transfer all data to a new PC, applying EaseUS PCTrans is the best way. 

Step 1. Connect your external devices to the source PC. If both computers have USB 3.0 ports, you'd better use these ports. When you have a lot of data to move, speed becomes important!

Step 2. Copy the wanted files to the drive. Then connect the drive to the new target computer and copy files to the new PC.

use external storage media to move data to a new pc

If you don't have or don't want to purchase an external hard drive to move files from an old computer to a new computer, move to the next part to transfer Windows 10/11 files with cloud storage tools.

3. With Cloud Storage

Alsongside the above 2 methods, you can also quickly transfer files from PC to PC or even Mac by using a cloud storage drive like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, etc. There is no device limitation if you choose to migrate to a new PC using a cloud storage tool. You can view and edit your files from the OneDrive app on other devices, including Androids and iPhones. You can also use any computer to go to the OneDrive website and sign in to access your files.

However, cloud drive tools won't allow you to upload and sync programs on PCs. Besides, once your files are deleted from the local devices, files stored in the cloud are also lost.  Go to check how to recover permanently deleted files from OneDrive Windows 10

Follow the steps below to finish the Windows 10/11 file transfer to a new PC with OneDrive. 

Step 1. Upload files to OneDrive. Open OneDrive. When the app opens, just click "Add" to add the file to your OneDrive cloud account. The file will be uploaded to your OneDrive account. 

Step 2. Download the wanted files. On the other laptop, open the "OneDrive" app, right-click on the file, and select "Download". 

transfer files from pc to pc using cloud drive

If you're worried about hard drive space, you can browse your OneDrive files in File Explorer without downloading them to your PC.

#4. Via a USB Transfer Cable

For older Windows systems, like Windows 7 or 8, a USB data transfer cable is a great way to move files from one computer to another. The PC data transfer cable has a small electronic circuit in the middle allowing the two PCs to talk to each other.

It's faster than using external devices since the copy and paste are happening simultaneously from computer to computer. You don't need to worry about disk space. When using external drives, you are basically transferring between three drives. Cables reduce that to two drives.

How to transfer files to a new computer on Windows 10/11 with a USB cable:

Step 1. Start both computers. Attach the USB cable to both of the computers.

Step 2. Click the Windows "Start" button, type "Windows easy transfer" in the Search field, and press "Enter." Follow the prompts of the Easy Transfer wizard to share files. 

transfer files from old pc to a new one with transfer cable

Ethernet Cable:

Step 1. Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the PC and the other end into the new PC.

Step 2. Open Control Panel.

  • Press Windows + R, and input Control Panel, and press Enter.
  • Choose Network and Internet > Click Network Sharing Center > Select Change advanced sharing center > Click Turn on file and printer sharing > Click Save changes

Step 3. Right-click the file and choose Share. Choose Specific people > Everyone > Share > Done

transfer file from pc to pc windows 10 - ethernet cable

Different transfer cables have different ways to use them, If you encounter any problems, please consult after-sales of the specific transfer cable.

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#5. Using a Backup and Restore Tool

Another way you can try to transfer every single file from an old computer to a new computer is by using a backup and restore tool. EaseUS Todo Backup supports file backup, disk/partition backup, and system backup. You can use this tool to back up all files on your source PC, and then restore them to your new PC in simple steps.

Then, connect the external device to your new PC. Run EaseUS Todo Backup on it to backup partition content and restore files from the external device to a new computer. If you want to save time and energy, the former six methods will help. To learn more details, you can refer to the following video.

6. Create a Shared Folder

In Windows 10 or Windows 11, you can also share all files between computers by creating a network shared folder. The File Sharing feature is the method you can try. You can share files with virtually any device, including Mac, Android, and Linux devices.

In the same LAN, you can directly use large files locally. The files can be used by multiple people at the same time. It's very convenient for business users.

Use these steps to share files on your local network using the express settings:

Step 1. Find the file you want to share. Right-click or press it, and select "Give access to" > "Specific people".

transfer files from old pc to a new one using shared folder-1

Step 2. Select a user or group to add. Click "Add". Add the username you want to share. If you are open to all users, you need to add "Everyone" to this user. Adjust the privilege level as needed.

transfer files from old pc to new pc using shared folder -2

Step 3. Click the "Share" button to enable network discovery and sharing in the dialog. Then, press "Win+R" and enter "\\IP address". Then, you'll see all the shares of the IP address.

transfer files from old pc to new pc using shared folder -3

If you don't know your IP address, press "Win+R", type cmd, then input "ipconfig". Press "Enter" and you'll see your IP address. If you select multiple files at once, you can share them all in the same way. It works for folders, too.

If you want to share files over the network without needing a password, use these steps to disable password protection for file sharing on Windows 10/11:

Step 1. Go to "Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center". On the left pane, click the "Change advanced sharing settings" link.

transfer files from pc to pc - disable password sharing 1

Step 2. Expand the All Networks tab. Under the "Password protected sharing" section, select the "Turn off password protected sharing" option. Click "Save changes".

windows 10 transfer to new pc - disable password sharing 2

7. Try Windows Nearby Sharing

Aside Shared Folder, on newer systems, you can also use the Windows Nearby Sharing option instead of HomeGroup to transfer files from PC to PC on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

HomeGroup has been removed from Windows 10 (Version 1803). However, even though it has been removed, you can still share printers and files by using Nearby Sharing in Windows 10. It uses Bluetooth to transfer files between PCs in close proximity.

Nearby Sharing works with all apps that have a sharing option including Microsoft Edge, File Explorer, and the Photos app, so you no longer have to rely on third-party file-sharing platforms like DropBox. You can easily share a file with anyone in the room without entering any passwords or pairing devices.

Note: Make sure that your Windows 10 is version 1803 or later because this feature is only available in versions after 1803. 

Now, follow the details below to transfer files from the old PC to a new one:

Step 1. Enable nearby sharing. Go to "Settings > System > Shared experiences > Nearby sharing". Turn on it.

Step 2. Under "Nearby sharing," select "Everyone nearby".

  • Everyone nearby — Your PC will be able to share and receive content from all nearby devices, including those you don't own.
  • My devices only — Your PC will share and receive content only with devices using the Microsoft account.
  • Under "Nearby sharing," click "Save files I receive to", and click the "Change" button. Select a location to save files.

transfer files from pc to pc - nearby sharing 1

Step 3. Start file sharing between the two computers. Open "File Explorer". Right-click the file you want to share. Click the "Share" option. Select the device from the list.

transfer file to new computer windows 10 - Nearby Sharing 2

When you've completed the steps, the other PC will receive a notification to accept or decline the transfer. Accept it and start the transferring process.

What's the Best Way to Transfer Everything from Old Computer to the New Computer

In this article, we conclude with seven solutions to help you transfer everything from old PC to new PC, including:

  • PC Transfer Software 
  • External Storage Media
  • Cloud Storage
  • USB Transfer Cable
  • Backup and Restore Software
  • Shared Folder
  • Network Sharing (WIndows 10 1803 or later, Windows 11)

 Among these 7 methods,, only the first one - EaseUS Todo PCTrans can transfer all your files, apps, and settings from your old computer to the new computer on Windows 11/10/8/7. The rest can only transfer files, and basically cannot migrate applications and user settings.

Free download EaseUS PC data transfer software to migrate to your new PC quickly and completely.

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FAQs About Transfer Everything from Old PC to New PC on Windows 10/11

Here, in this part, we collected some hot questions about this topic, and if you are interested, follow to find answers below:

1. What is the fastest way to transfer files from PC to PC?

To transfer a small size of data, manually using USB for file transferring could be the fastest way. However, if you tend to transfer a huge amount of files and applications from PC to PC, network file transfer would be even faster than manual methods. EaseUS Todo PCTrans provides you with a direct PC to PC file transfer resolution for this demand, and you can directly give it a try. 

You can also refer to this link to learn further details: The Fastest Way to Transfer Files from PC to PC.

2. How do I transfer everything from my old computer Windows 7 to my new computer Windows 10?

To transfer everything from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you can directly turn to the provided methods on this page for help. EaseUS Todo PCTrans, with its PC-to-PC feature, enables all Windows 7 users to scan and select files, programs, and even computer settings to a Windows 10 computer in simple clicks.

3. How do I transfer data from PC to PC wirelessly?

To wirelessly transfer data from PC to PC, you have 3 options:

  • #1. Use EaseUS Todo PCTrans with its PC to PC transfer feature.
  • #2. Use the Nearby Sharing feature on Windows 10/11
  • #3. Use Cloud storage or Email to transfer files.

For more details, you may refer to this guide for help: How to Transfer Files from PC to PC over WiFi.

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